Mart and Bert

Bert Jansch and Martin Jenkins – Avocet (live, 1978)

This video was originally uploaded by Tim Wilson in 2017, and proved hard to find for a while. Bert and Mart a wonderful duet.Some might say Martin was somewhat written out of Bert’s story. They did two world tours together and Martin made an important contribution to the body of work at the time. This eight volume BBC concert recording features Martin on Disc 2.








5 responses to “Bert Jansch and Martin Jenkins – Avocet (live, 1978)”

  1. David Croxford Avatar

    Really good playing ….love it

  2. Nik Gnashers Avatar

    6:35am and this is the perfect way to start my day.

  3. Billy Big time Avatar

    So good thanks for the upload

  4. Naif abdalkreem Avatar

    Where is this footage from ? Thank you.

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